The story written for this centerpiece was about the less-known elections that took place that day--the electoral college elections.

The editors at Lafayette requested an illustration, largely because there wasn’t any great art for it otherwise. They suggested something light, funny and tongue in cheek, maybe a play on words with the name Electoral College.

I ran with it, and after reading the article (which refers to how people don’t know much about this important part of the election process) thought that maybe Americans should go to college to learn about the Electoral College. So I sketched a box for a freshman at (Electoral) College.

It was fun to create a generic “America” college in my mind, with the Statue of Liberty wearing a foam finger, and textbooks for classes that had course numbers corresponding to the electoral votes Romney and Obama won. And, of course, a football and some cheer pom poms and a pennant!

This page was featured on the Charles Apple blog:

For this special section of the Lafayette Journal&Courier, I drew a bra made up of words of encouragement and support for people with breast cancer. I also hand-lettered "Survival" (as seen here) and "Living with Cancer" out of pink ribbon, which were photographed and used in section heads.
This has been one of my favorite special projects because of the creativity it allowed me, as well as the fact that it was printed on pink newspaper--which just makes me smile.

This page made the Newseum Top 10 of the day.

The photo for the centerpiece on this page fell through, so I was asked to come up with an illustration for a story about using DNA from pets to enforce pet-clean-up rules at local apartments. I created the 3-step illustration of how the process would work as well as the dog-bone double helix. (It's not an accurate depiction of DNA, but a local genome scientist said he enjoyed it nonetheless)

This illustration won an Alabama APME 1st place in non-deadline page design and for news graphics & illustration.

When it's about a tragedy like the Sandy Hook shooting, it is hard to be pleased with a page design--I think this page shows the depth of fear and loss people felt, so it's worth sharing.

These are a few of the pages I am proud of from my time at the Huntsville Times, as well as from when I was at the Gannett Design Studio in Louisville. There, I worked on the Cincinnati Enquirer, Indianapolis Star, Muncie Star Press, Lafayette Journal & Courier, and Richmond Palladium Item.